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A modern stargazer reading the language of the stars.


Awaken to your potential and purpose!


Custom Charts & Reports

Ready to uncover the map of your stars? Use it to discover your potential and purpose! My charts are perfect for those wanting to do a self-study of their chart – or – those who want to simply print it off and hang it up as art! I also have a template available so you can map your own!


Instant Charts & Reports

Get a free natal or synastry chart for free, instantly! Right on our website.
You can get the accompanying report for only $25! Lightworker Astrology is an affiliate for Astro-charts! What’s a report? It’s a 20 pg guide we analyze and interpret the planetary aspects and uncover its strengths and growth areas.


Blog & Forecasts

Check out our latest blog posts and monthly forecasts to align yourself with the stars! I start with the basics of Astrology so you can learn my methods and how to get started like me! I’m a self-taught astrologer with a passion for writing. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to hear about new blog posts!



Hi there! My name is Tiffany and I'm an astrologer who specializes in birth charts that tell you YOUR story, potential, and purpose. I truly believe that your birth chart shows your potential and purpose that you can begin your journey to fulfill or deny. The choice is always yours to make. 


Go Beyond The Horoscope

Ready to begin your own Astrology journey?